Home Agent Qualifications

Our Home Agents are required to keep a certain standard regarding their work area, computer (desk top) and training. All Home Agents are Independent Contractors. Below is a list of minimal requirements that are needed to be able to work from home.


Minimum: High School Diploma or GED
Be able to pass a criminal background check. Some clients additionally require a drug screen, employment verification or a credit check
Most importantly, Home Agents must display a deep commitment to provide each and every customer with exceptional service.

Essential Job Functions:

*Promptly answer incoming calls
*Maintain professionalism even under difficult situations
*Maintain accuracy and timeliness in all work including messages and on calls
*Use good call control skills to maintain speed
*Adapt to changing technology as well as changing client instructions
*Strong team player
*Commitment to company values
*Basic computer proficiency
*Strong customer orientation

Successful candidates will meet the following qualifications:

*Must be a resident and live in the Atlanta, GA metro area
*Highly PC literate and have their own PC with a reliable high-speed Internet
*Ability to type 35 words per minute is essential
*Prior call center experience strongly preferred
*Applicants must be 18 years of age or older
*Strong written and verbal communication skills required. Fundamental math skills required
*Strong sales skills
*Highly motivated and Dependable
*Hardware, Software, Workstation Specifications: Minimum Requirements

Internet Connection:
*Cable or DSL provider (No Wireless or Satellite), VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) compatible.
*Minimum up load speed: 1000 kbps
*Minimum down load speed: 1.5 mbps
*Computer Hardware:
*1.8 GHZ Processor ( or a minimum of a Pentium 3 processor or equivalent processor)
*1 GB of RAM
*Sound card with speakers
*17" Flat Panel Display recommended (capable of 1280 x 1024), 15" minimum

**All systems wil be tested for compatability

Telephone Requirement:
*Dedicated telephone line with the ability to disable features such as call waiting, forwarding, etc. No cellular/wireless phones are permitted.
*Digital Telephones & VoIP Telephones are not permitted as your alternate telephone lines. Services such as Magic Jack that connect through a USB port are not permitted.
*A corded telephone with headset capability. Must be a corded traditional telephone. *No cordless telephone allowed.
Headsets Requirement:
*USB headset (PC compatible) with a built-in digital signal processor has a noise-cancelling microphone (USB Headset) for training .
*You will may also need a good quality telephone headset compatible with your land line telephone. (Plantronics Headset) for work .
Computer Software:
*Windows XP, Vista Operating or Windows 7 system
Internet Explorer 7.0 or above
*Microsoft Office, including Microsoft Word and Excel WinZip, Adobe Acrobat reader. - *Free download available on the Web
*Antivirus Software: Valid software with current and updated virus definitions.
*A personal email account with a professional user name.
*Office Furniture: A sturdy desk and a comfortable sturdy chair at a comfortable height with adequate back support. (5 legged chair highly recommended)
*Your workstation must be in a private, quiet area away from others in your residence and background noise

Must show Professionalism

Must show Integrity

Must show Innovation

Must show Empathy

TRAINING: Depending on agent’s skills set and performance taking calls, there may be a need for training in the near future. However each and every agent is required to take training.

To start Application Process... please fill out quick application to schedule a phone interview .

Must work schedule given (Home Agents a able choose their schedule in most cases)


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