What Does ALFA's Personal Care Include?









24 Hours A Day 7 Days A Week Care and Assistance

We do more than just assisting in Eating, Daily Hygiene and Bathing:

Medication Assistance
We oversee Medication intake by Resident. We make sure medication is taken or assist resident in taking medication according to physician specifications.
Housekeeping and Laundry
We clean all rooms and common areas daily. We wash all Resident's clothing twice a week and as needed for soiled garments.
Daily Activities
We provide daily activites to engage residents in their favorite games and puzzles such as, but not limited to checkers, chess, cards and password puzzles.
Promote Family Visiting
We ask that family members contact the resident as much as possible to promote a positive and caring mood for the Resident
Heathcare Monitoring
We monitor all residents health 24 hours a day 7 days a week by visual efforts and verbal communications with resident and family members.
Emergency Response
If we find that the resident is need of emergency care, we will contact the local emergency service for abulance service and/or travel to hospital or physician if needed.
Transportation Services
We offer Transportation Services for Scheduled Outings, Church, Family Gatherings, Shopping etc.
Assist in Writing Letters & Emails
All our residents can have a free email account to send and receive personal emails or we can also assist in writing personal letters and emails to familiy members and friends.
Online Resident Care Information
We offer Online Residents Care Updates by updating resident's care and mood via the internet, where familiy members and firends can log in and check residents care/mood on a daily/weekly basis.
Indoor/Outdoor Camera - Added Security
For added security we offer Indoor/Outdoor Cameras for resident visual monitoring in common areas such as hallways and great room areas along with outdoor monitoring of front and rear of building.