Call Center

The right words delivered by the right people. It’s the difference between a lasting connection, and a bad impression.

At Bryteck Enterprises, you get the right people: career call center agents who speak American English and who know how to sell. You get the right words. We work with you to develop the scripts that amplify your brand’s personality. You get our attention. Bryteck’s agents are continually trained and tested on your product.

And your customers? Because our call center is integrated to our fulfillment center they get a complete experience. You get peace of mind.

Our Call Center Agents work confortably from their "Home Office" with constant contact via email and instant messaging.

Inbound Services (Sales, Service and Tech Support)

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) (Automated Self-Service)

Outbound Services (Surveys, Sales & Research)

E-mail & Web Chat (Text-based Services)

Our Premier Call Taking Program offers:

If you require the quality and customer satisfaction that can only be found in a U.S.-based call center and you are looking for a strategic service advantage as well as a reduction in total customer support costs, our Premier Call Taking Program is the answer.

In this program Bryteck Enterprises provides our partners the highest quality and customer satisfaction at the lowest-cost-per-incident for US-based customer support services. Bryteck provides the highest levels of Technical Support and Sales for:

Home Real Estate Management Real Estate Investing Personal Care Homes Roadside Service & Towing Virtual Call Center