Bryteck is committed to providing returns to our investors through the acquisition, improvement, management and growth of a portfolio of select real estate investments.

We invest in real estate and land development projects that provide the opportunity to create and capture value. Our near-term focus is on distressed real estate opportunities, while maintaining our long-term commitment to commercial centers and land development projects.

Distressed real estate presents....

a unique and temporary opportunity that has resulted from the tidal wave of residential (and expected commercial) foreclosures.  The dramatic downturn of the housing market and simultaneous collapse of credit markets have created a demand for mechanisms that help return the massive inventory of foreclosed properties from the possession of the banks back to the market. 

Investing in real estate should be about stability, comfortable and solid returns, as well as attempting to protect the downside using real property.  All are features of a Bryteck Investment.

Bryteck focuses on the growth and management of real estate opportunities.  Sectors include raw land development and distressed real estate.  Land projects include the development of raw land into residential neighborhoods, multi-family housing, retail centers, offices and industrial facilities. 

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